Sunday, March 25, 2012

unexpected dream in unexpected story

he has a dream
and he was right when he said,
"you pro'ly won't like it"

he wants to join CA forces
in Vehicle Technician section
and he knows, i don't like that idea at the first place
because it takes many risks
he has to shoot and be shot
for worst, died


i don't like army or forces stuff since i was a kid
there's too much blood, too much pain, too much gun
and i've watched many films about army or forces
and i know exactly the endings of that kind of story
sad, mostly
and i can imagine how this story ends. our story.

can you imagine, your close friends said that he/she wanna join the force?
this happened to me
and i feel sad about it


"what about me? we can't talk again," i said.
it's kinda broke his promise to me, about not to lose contact
"you just have to talk to my brother", he said.
"it's different, i rarely talked to him"
"don't worry. there's gonna be ways to communicate"
"this is sad", i said
"why so sad??"
"with whom i could share my crazy story?"
"oh cmon. you share those with yer friends too,"
"every single person is different. you are different from my friends and so they are,"
"not even yer best friends?"
"my best friends are disappear. they are busy with themselves".
you know what, from that point, i realized that i don't have anyone.
he is my best friend. the only best friend for now
and that's why i really sad when he said he wanted to join force
i lost all my best friends


that's his dream
unexpected one for me
maybe, he has made his choice
i always say to myself, "believe in your dreams, go for it and make it happens"
so, if it's really his dream, even though i am not really like it, as a friend, i should support him, whatever it is, how silly it is, how bad or sad it is.
i know this is hard, but i have no rights to stop him from his dream.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the story of unexpected

i have one unexpected story. maybe some of you ever had a story like this. if you are interested on my story, be my guest and try to catch up later on the next part / chapter. i will tell you this unexpected story in some chapters. this is not about the love story. it's about faith :)

#PART 01

i met this guy on December 2009. actually, i met this guy on a social network, called "Facebook" on July 2009. a couple months before, i had the worst relationship with my ex-boyfriend. well, i guess it's not necessary to talk about that now. i was on a very long school holiday and my sister was on the phone with her friend. i started to ask my sister, "hey, does she has a handsome cousin? can she introduce me to him?". well, it was a joke actually. i have a mood swing that day (actually, my mood is always swing when i get my period), and i didn't know why i asked that.

"yea, she has! search him on Facebook!," my sister said.

and after that, she gave me his name and i searched him on Facebook, and Voila! i found him. he was wearing a red shirt on his profile. my first impression? "is that Taylor Lautner?" ahhaha yes. he looked like Taylor Lautner on his profile picture. should i press the "send friend request" button? i asked that to myself.

"you should add him. but, don't be surprised if he didn't answer your friend request", my sister's friend told me.

like i said before, at first, it was just for fun, so i pressed that button and no worry if he didn't aswer the request.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

hey hey hey hello! whaddup?

wuoaw, it's like forever since my last post here. i am so sorry guys, i was sooo busy with my college things and family things and else. so, let's see what am i going to do with my blog now. geez, i can't think about it cuz too much things in my head that i want to talk to you guys. well, believe it or not, i was staring this blank page for hours. well, i know you guys wanna know about my life. so far, my life's good. even better :D *yeaaayy* so i'm in 3rd semester now. feel so tired now becuz last night, i laughed so hard all night long with my buddy, Petet. here's a link so you can see her blog and her blog is so awesome. well, yea. it's written with indonesian. all post in indonesian. but for my indonesian friends, YOU MUST SEE HER BLOG! OMG SHE'S SUCH A HARLEQUIN! oh, damn. she's, go check her blog now and ready to crack up! :D

well, i guess that's all for today. i hope i can bring you more interesting story. i'm wating for the perfect time to write a new post.

love, kiss and hug,

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Monday, October 18, 2010

no one could understand me better than myself

7 months ago, he left me here, at that building
and i promised to him not to cry when he went back to his place
but i couldn't keep my promise
i cried when i left that building
it was hurt, you know

7 moths is a loooong time
yea, of course i felt lonely
but time goes by and i went to college
new friends, new surroundings, new name, new crazy experience, new subjects, new freak people, everything was new and all change

he always asked about my life as a new student in college
and i always told him about anything that i've been through
and maybe, today, i wasn't as strong as before
i cried a lot today
yes, you can call me sloppy
but you didn't understand what i've been through this couple days
and it makes me miss the past
i miss the way we talked about something and in the end, we laughed at it
yea, my friend can make me laugh, but he's not him

no one could understand me better than myself
he's right. "i could only explain my feelings if you experienced it firsthand to understand it," he said.
so now, you can call me sloppy, childish or etc just the way you like
it's not a problem to me anymore
cuz this is me, this is myself
and if you don't like me,
get out of my life!
i still have a lot of friends that love me just the way i am
and i believe, he accept me as his best friend or maybe more than best friend with all my badness and goodness habits


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lebih baik trpisahkan dri Yesus atau orangtua?

sebenernya ngga pengen 2-2nya sih. tapi klo disuruh pilih 1, yaaaa terpisahkan sama orangtua aja. orangtua kan hanya sebagai pengantara kita ke Yesus. jadi klo kita kepisah sama orangtua, ngga papa, asalkan masih ada Yesus. btw, ni siapa ya?

Ask me anything

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

wisdom of the soul

guys, these are some advices and knowledge about our life. read this! hope you'll enjoy it :)

1. no one can RUIN your day without your permission
2. most people will be about as HAPPY as they decide to be
3. others can stop you TEMPORARILY, but only you can do it permanently
4. whatever you are willing to put up with is EXACTLY what you will have
5. SUCCESS stops when you do
6. when your ship comes in, make sure you are willing to UNLOAD it
7. you will NEVER "have it all together"
8. life is a JOURNEY, not a destination. enjoy the trip! :)
9. the biggest LIE on the planet: "When i get what i want, i will be happy".
10. the best way to escape your problem is to SOLVE it
11. i've learned that ultimately "TAKERS" lose and "GIVERS" win
12. life's PRECIOUS moments: don't have value, unless they are shared
13. if you don't START, it's certain you won't arrive
14. we often FEAR the thing we want the most
15. yesterday was the deadline for all COMPLAINS
16. look for opportunities, not guarantees
17. life is what's coming not WHAT WAS
18. success is GETTING UP one more time
19. now is the most INTERESTING time of all
20. when things go WRONG, don't go with them
21. sometimes the majority only means that all the FOOLS are in the same side
22. a person who asks a QUESTION might be a fool for five minutes, but a person who doesn't ask is a fool forever
23. a BEST FRIEND is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have
24. i don't have to attend every ARGUMENT i'm invited to
25. our EYES are placed in front because it is more important to look ahead than to look behind

cheer up,
mademoiselleAngie- :)

source: somebody on tumblr